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Our products treat the skin, fur and hair naturally, without steroids and chemical substances.

VetGold products are sold worldwide and have been extensively studied by veterinarians in their field.

We prepare our unique extracts and oils at VetGold's home factory. We utilize only 100% Activate Natural Ingredients.

In VetGold products, we were able to introduce all the virtues of the famous Dead Sea and highlight its benefits for skin, fur and hair.

VetGold is the world’s first ever Dead Sea range of products specifically developed for application on animals.  A unique blend of natural oils and plant extracts with Dead Sea Mineral Mud and All Natural Active ingredients.

EquiMud is a strong and powerful mud dressing for horses to treat aching joints, muscles and tendons and inflammation that develops from vigorous riding and exercising.  A unique blend of mud, natural oils and plant extracts enriched with minerals from the Dead Sea, that soothe, revitalize, rejuvenate and moisturize the skin as well as promoting muscle relaxation. Provides the skin with all the necessary components it needs to naturally regenerate itself and acts as a preventative protection against the development of sores and blisters.

● Routine preventative use after work and Reducing swelling in soft tissue injuries to the lower leg

● Hair loss from rubbing or injury.  EquiMud naturally accelerates hair regrowth. For best results EquiMud should be applied and covered with a warm damp towel secured by a rug or bandages. This may not always be possible, depending on the area requiring treatment. The mud will still accelerate hair regrowth if left uncovered but it will take a little longer.

● Mud fever - apply a liberal (1-2 cm) covering of EquiMud to the affected area and leave uncovered overnight, wash off in the morning and dry legs thoroughly. Re-apply daily.

● Cracked heels - similar application to Mud Fever

● Sweet itch - similar application to Mud Fever

● Thrush - wash the area thoroughly and pack the hoof capsule with the mud, cover with a plastic bag and bandage the hoof to secure. Wash off in the morning and reapply daily.

● Rain scald - Apply a 1-2 cm covering of mud to the affected area. Cover the mud with a damp towel soaked in warm water (wrung out to remove excess water). Rug the horse over the towel and leave overnight. Wash off and reapply daily.

Do not use EquiMud on open wounds or areas of skin that are bleeding, instead using VetGold Cream (see VetGold Cream or Spray product page).

EquiMud’s unique and powerful combination of 24 Dead Sea Minerals and All Natural Plant Extracts include the following:

1.  False yellow head, woody flea-bane, sticky flea-bane – used for thousands of years to treat inflammation of the joints, as well as fungal and bacterial inflammations.

2.  Tree Wormwood – relieves pain and swelling.

3.  Cucumber - provides relief from pain and itching. Is very soothing and calming.

4.  Avocado Oil – Rich in vitamins, it nourishes the skin while reducing muscle contraction and pain. Also softens and moisturizes the skin.

5.  Dead Sea Salts – like mud, rich in minerals with high concentration of natural magnesium which the horse absorbs via its skin. It is crucial for the horse’s health, as magnesium deficiency affects performance, focus and behavior.

6.  Linseed oil – Rich with Omega 3, it treats arthritis and skin inflammation, swelling  and pain. Also serves to soften and moisturize the skin.

How to use:
EquiMud should be routinely applied to horse’s lower legs after work or competition and left overnight suitable bandaging and wrapping.
1. Clean lower legs with cold water.
2. Apply up to 1cm thick coating of EquiMud.
3. Cover mud with damp brown paper.
4. Apply leg wraps and stable bandages.
5. Leave overnight and hose off in the morning.

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